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Asynch modules running TCP module blocking UDP comms?

Hi all,


I wrote a few modules to do communications via ethernet to some  power supplies. I ran several modules asynchronously on the engine on my PC and everything seems to be ok. But it does not want to work on the compactRIO-- or I should say comms happen, but they block UDP traffic from the TEC module. Not sure what is going on because it's not a lot of data, and the decimation of the asynch modules is such that they should run every second only. Pretty stumped.

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Hi MarkCG, if you have other UDP connections they should not affect each other as long as they are not fighting for resources like ports, or bandwidth. If there is not that much data it could be that they are talking to each other ports. 

How are you configuring your additional module? 

Best Regards  

Benjamin C
Principal Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED
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Hi Ben,


Well it was actually TCP comms that were going on with the additional modules. That's why I had it as Asynch. I have not been able to revisit the problem because I just ended up spinning off that function to an industrial PC running windows, and re-writing things as a non-DCAF modules. The asynch DCAF modules were running on a cRIO 9035 doing TCP comms to an ethernet to RS-485 converter and power supplies, with a lot of TCP writes and reads in succession --- dues to the command/response nature of the protocol I had to use to talk to the serial device. It may have been a problem with just overloading the operating system with too many network operations-- both the UDP at a rate of 20Hz from the DCAF TEC module and the rapid succession of TCP read writes every second or so. I don't think I had any ports crossed but I will double check. 

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