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Possible Corrupt Firmware

I am a coach from FRC team 5682

We have a roboRio that is not imaging using the RoboRio Imaging Tool


P/N 155213D-01L

S/N 0305EBA3


Imaging Tool - Version 20.0
From the Imaging Tool

Current IP

Current Image FRC_roboRio_2020_v10

firmware Version unknown


Attempting to Update with roboRIO_6.0.0.cgf


We get the Message "Unable to download firmware to target."

No firewalls, SUB connection, Run as Administrator


Possible Reasons from the error message:

NI System Configuration:  The name of the target or expert contains illegal characters or has an invalid format.  Eacn lable of the hostname must be between 1 and 63 hcaracters long, and the entire hostname, including delimiting dots, must be 255 characters or less.


When attempting to boot into safe mode, we get a consistent orange blinking light on the Status indicator


Other notes:  I can access the web interface with USB through the IP address

I can ssh into it and look through the lvuser directory and see last years code as .jar files, as well as any new Java code I create and deploy through vsCode.

Driver station can connect to the roboRio with communications and Robot code showing green status lights in driver station.

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Hey Sawyer5682,


Sorry to hear we've been having some trouble with the firmware.


To me, since we can still connect to it (ssh, safe mode etc.) it seems that I would say we have an issue with the update process rather than an issue with the roboRIO itself.


The behavior you mention seems really similar to FRC Firmware Update Failing. Could we try the steps that it lists in the article and see if those help?


Also it looks like there is a legacy way of updating the firmware from Imaging the roboRIO and Common Troubleshooting Techniques. We can try this too if the first steps don't help.


Hope this clears up the behavior for you! If not just post back as these are the forums NI is monitoring.

Application Engineer, RF and Communications
National Instruments
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@yamadj wrote:


The behavior you mention seems really similar to FRC Firmware Update Failing. Could we try the steps that it lists in the article and see if those help?


One of the steps in that document is "Make sure your computer has only letters and numbers in its name. This has seemed to prevent the utility from working for some teams." which seems very relavant. However I'm not sure exactly what that is or where to change it. Are there more details you can provide?

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Here are steps to see your computer's name and update it.


Mike Altmann
Product R&D
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Try to update with the 5.0.0 firmware instead.  Is that successful?

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Hi Sawyer,


Just checking with you, have you successfully image the RoboRIO by updating the firmware or changing the computer name? Feel free to provide us the further updates if you have any. Thanks!  


Harvy Sim

Hardware Div. Software

Product R&D


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