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Problem with Write/Read DIO for Programming with LABVIEW

Thanks for help last time. And I am sorry that I have to trouble you again this time.

I got problem with read/write DIO input and output when I programming. I am using PCI-DIO-96 Card and two DMM NI4060 Cards for the testing system. I have got the previous programming but a bit confused about the Task ID part for reading and writing DIO. How does this Task ID comes out, and as I want to add some more input and output for the system, how should I calculate or find out the corresponding Task ID?

Thanks for help and waiting for your reply!


Sincerely Yours,

Zhou Yi
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The task ID is a parameter that is used by Labview to identify the DAQ task. You don't need to worry about that parameter at all.

To add more inputs/outputs to the system, you just need to include the extra channels on your channel list, and Labview will generate a new task ID automaticaly.

Hope this helps.
Filipe A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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We have tried as far as we could for rectifying the error in our project,but failed in our attempt ,which we have attached with this "".

Kindly help us rectify it .

Our project title is "Self controlled energy efficient system" ,a part of which is done using labview as above.

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You've posted to a very, very old thread and your question seems unrelated to it or to the DMM board.

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As mentioned, this is an old thread and likely isn't the correct forum to post in.  I recommend creating a list of specific questions related to the problems you're experiencing.  As-is, your code looks executable, but I don't have any other comments, as I don't know what the problem is.  Also, if you're new to LabVIEW, I recommend some sort of training.  NI offers several courses, but there's also plenty of free material online.  Good luck!

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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Sorry for posting in the wrong forum.


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