Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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4070 To measure high voltage



I am using a negative ion generator (few walts output, high voltage, low current output)which can produce around -5kv to charge a big capacitor. I want to detect the current(mA level) flow into the capacitor. Two ways to do this:

First, use 4070 as currentmeter in series and detect the current. 

Second, use 4070 as voltagemeter, put two resistor within the circuit and measure the voltage drop on the small resistor (should be less than 1 V)

As either way I am still connect 4070 with -5kV, I don't want to destroy the equipment. 

Does anyone see any problem there might be or any suggestion?




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I'd setup to use the DMM as an Ameter.  The key here is to put the meter in the path as close to "ground" as possible.

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