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Express card with parallels

After searching I could not find this exact issue.

I am trying to detect the Express Card 8360 on a macbook pro running Windows 7 in parallels virtual machine. All drivers loaded without any issues.


The setup:

NI PXIe-1073 Chassis

NI PXI-4071 DMM card


Macbook pro Late 2011


When I registered the product it was able to see the express card and I was given an automatic email indicating that it was registered.


Can the express card work with Windows 7 in parallels virtual machine or will I have to run Windows 7 through boot camp? Thanks for any input.

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Hi Rweidner,


To my knowledge, National Instruments have not tested our DMM cards with Mac's Parallels or Bootcamp, however there has been limited success using our myDAQ hardware. With the myDAQ using Parallels, some of the functionalities have been known  to stop working, but we're not quite sure about DMM, as this has just not been tested yet. You may have better luck with Bootcamp if that is available to you.


I'm a little bit confused about some of the information you have provided. First, you mention "I am trying to detect the Express Card 8360 on a macbook pro running Windows 7 in parallels virtual machine"... but then you say "When I registered the product it was able to see the express card". Can you please clarify if you are able to see/detect the 8360 or your 4070? I know you mention that you have the drivers installed, but just in case, your 4070 uses NI DMM.




Jason L.


Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I don't think you can use PCI cards from the guest OS on Parallels or VMWare. PXI looks to the computer as PCI, so the restriction applies as well. Doing it from BootCamp should be possible though. Please share your results!

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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You will need to use Boot Camp.  Virtualized environments are not compatible with our hardware.  I actually use the PXIe-1073 and PXI-4071 (among other things) with my MacBook Pro via Expresscard all the time without issue in Boot Camp, so no worries there.  It works.

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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To Jason L.


I downloaded the Software (NI PXI Platform Services) and registered the product. I then shutdown the macbook pro, installed the card and started the chassis. I then started up the computer, started windows in parallels7 and found that the expres card could not be detected. Later in the day I got an automatic email with the subject "Confirmation: Your Product Registration is complete". It was for the express card.


So even though it would not interact with the PXI Platform it was some how detectable enough to be registered.

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To John S,


Thanks for the information. My IT department is waiting for an answer from Parallels but I will update them with you information. I will have them install Windows through Boot Camp. Once done I will update with my results. Thanks


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Thank you everyone for the input. I got Windows 7 installed on Bootcamp and everything is working. The DMM Soft Front Panel is working as expected. Now using LabView to its full capabilities will be a topic for an other discussion.

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Hey Rweidner,

Great to hear you're up and running!  In regards to the card registering in Parallels, that's likely because we can detect the card, we just can't communicate with it through the abstraction layer that exists for the virtualized environment.  In other words, Windows should be able to see the card, but it shouldn't be able to communicate.  Note that you'll also see the card in the top right menu bar when it's installed and you're booted into MacOS.  Again, the Mac can see the card, but there aren't any drivers to communicate.


Have fun with your DMM!

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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