Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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is there an electric motor test panel (for sale) that can measure multiple variables (voltage, current, resistance, power, temperature, rotation, and vibration), and organize them into one print-out?

My name is Ryan, and I work for Exodyne Electric Motors. We are currently looking for a setup that would allow us to take the data acquired at our test panel (voltage, resistance, current, power, rotation speed, temperature, and rate of vibration) and export this data from the various devices into a computer so that all of the data may be printed onto one page. If you have any type of setup that may be even closely related to this, please let me know. Any other information you could provide related to a possible vendor would be greatly appreciated.
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Ryan -

I am not aware of any single predefined package that acquires all the data that you are looking for, but we do have hardware which can make all of those measurements. Also, because our instruments are PC/PXI based, they are automatically integrated into the PC and there you could easily develop a single test panel for your measurement suite in LabVIEW or some other ADE. For example, your could use our NI-4070 DMM to take highly accurate voltage, resistance, and current measurements and then create your own interface for the test in LabVIEW.

If you already have the instruemnts which make the measurement and they have a GPIB or serial port for communication, then you could purchase a PCI-GPIB board and use that to create a single interface for your test

For more info about GPIB:〈=US

For more info about DMMs:〈=US

Jack Arnold
Application Engineer
National Instruments
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We r manufacturing customised Motor test banch. We have supplied to GE MOTORS. They r testing @1500 motors per shift on our system I am trying to attach some phots but not able to upload. Pls. contact me on or +91 9825049845. My name is Himanshu. Complete system is based on NI PXI & LabVIEW. with more than 15 parameters, report generation, calibration, etc. Let me know your email ID to send more details.
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We are manufacturer of Motor / Pump testing panel, with fully automatic, semi automatic standard panel. Which has facility to acquire data simultaneously in to PC from Panel using precision grade instruments. We have provided testing solution to many manufacturer over India & abroad. We have customized software solution for various type of manufacturer requirement with customized reporting. you may contact us at ; +91-281-2381444
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This company is both a industrial electric motor repair company and a test system company.  They do great work and have electric motor repair stands for sale.  Located in Charlotte North Carolina.



Also consider They are located in Dayton Ohio. 





Preston Johnson
Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT: Condition Monitoring and Predictive Analytics
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An inexpensive instrument has been designed to detect shorted turns in three-phase motor windings while the motor (any type of three-phase motor) is powered, running, and loaded.  The turn-to-turn short may be used as a “predictor” of future insulation life. This measurement is accomplished by continuously monitoring and comparing the inductance of each of the three phase windings using a specialized transformer and proprietary analogue circuitry. A prototypical instrument has been built and shown to be sensitive to small relative inductance changes in the presence of “mains” (60 Hz) currents up to 15 A. The instrument also serves as a continuous ground fault monitor and detects phase-to-phase faults. The instrument can also be used for “acceptance” testing.


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I'm interested in hearing about this AC motor test equipment posted 07 2010.  Is it availabe?

Can you forward a link to  Thank you!

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