Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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DC offset measurement

I wish to write a program to measure DC offset value from a AC waveform by using NI PXI 4065.

The programming language i'm using is Visual C++.

I would like to know that is that any particular function or parameter is used for measuring DC offset?

Or i just use niDMM_Read() to read the measurement and use niDMM_FormatMeas() to measure and get the DC offset value?

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Hello, Jack249!


No, there is not a specific function dedicated to measuring offset - your method of measuring the signal and comparing is correct.


According to the specifications [p6] for that DMM, if you are using analog functions AC coupling will automatically be enabled. This, of course, should elimiate your DC offset anyway.



Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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