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phidget 8/8/8

I'm trying to use a phidget 8/8/8 interface with labview, but I can't see the device in measurement and automation explorer.  I installed the phidget 21 driver package and can see the device with their program.  I also tried to aquire signals with the DAQ assistant and was unable to see it there.  Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure how to access your hardware but you are wasting your time with MAX and the DAQ Assistant since they are only for NI hardware.
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Hi cr2581,


You won’t be able to see your phidget kit in LabVIEW right away since it is not NI hardware. In order for you to interface it with LabVIEW, we would need to add it as a USB resource. Please follow this USB Instrument Control Tutorial to help you set it up. Let me know how this works.

Daniel REDS
RF Systems Engineer

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Using the wizard will make the device unuseable in LabVIEW with the examples that are provided by the vendor.


The wizard should be considered only as a last desperate attempt to communicate and only when there is very detailed information from the vendor.

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