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Redistributable package for C++ application

I wrote a Visual C++ 6.0 application for PCI-6515 digital I/O card using DAQmx 8.0 libraries with static linkage.
In some cases my application does not need to use an I/O board.
Now what happens, if my application is running on a PC without DAQmx installed, it can't run showing that ni*.dll files are missing.
I need to install the whole DAQmx 8.0 even if I'm not using the card. It's a very long procedure.
Is there any minimal NI installation package including only required DLLs.
I don't need any services/test panels running, just my SW working with digital I/O card tasks.
Will DAQmx Base help in this case ?
Thank you
    Jurijus Cizas
        Infineon Technologies North America Corp.
        Applications Engineer
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Hi Jurijus-
The only method to properly operate your board on a target machine is to install the NI-DAQmx driver on that target.  Unfortunately there is no seperate installer at this time, but I would encourage you to file a product suggestion to include this functionality in a future release.

NI-DAQmx Base functions are not interchangeable with NI-DAQmx, so it will not be helpful in reducing the driver footprint for your application.
Hopefully this helps-
Tom W
National Instruments
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