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PCI-Card M-Serie is not detected by MAX

We installed a PCI 6513 and two PCI 6225 card in a new computer. The MAX do not detect the cards. But the DAQ-express VI detects the ports. It is not possible to control the device in this way. How can I tell MAX to find the cards?
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Have the cards successfully been installed by Windows? Are they listed under "Device manager" in Windows (please make a screenshot)? What DAQ Version did you install? Please install DAQmx 8.1 (if you have not installed it, yet)

The cards are automatically detected in MAX. You cannot manually add a device.

Best Regards,
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Thank you for your answer. I updateted the driver now from 8.0 to 8.1, but the problem still exist. The screenshot is attached.
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Did you already try to refresh MAX (F5)?

If that does not work please try the cards on another PC.

Best regards,
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