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Configuring Digital I/O as bidirectional line in PCI-6229

I have an M Series PCI-6229 card. I have two issues with it:
1. I need to communicate to a device using the specified commands & responses in terms of digital bit patterns. This requires to configure a digial line as output when I want to send the digital data to this device. After this, i need to configure the same digital line as an input as to receive the digital data from the device.
I could not find this option for M Seires card, can some one help? If this option is there for PCI-6229 card, then what is the latency while configuring digital line from output to input & vice-versa?
A VI to do it shall be appricated.
2. I need to implement I2C bus using digital lines of M series card. Using this I2C bus I need to give command & read an eeprom contents.
How many digital lines do I need to perform this? If any body has written driver in LabVIEW, can you pls. send it?
Thanks in advance.
With best regards,
Nirmal Sharma
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Hello Nirmal,

With the M-Series DAQ Cards, you would need to use a DAQmx Channel Property Node and specifically use the "Tristate" property. You can refer to the help on that specific property for more information on how to use it. Keep in mind that you would need to write first, then tristate the line so that you can read it. I have attached snapshot to illustrate this property node.

About I2C, you can refer to the this link for more information. Also you can use one of our USB product to simplify your development time as its designed specifically to interface with I2C or SPI.


Chetan K

Application Engineering

National Instruments

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