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Implementing I2C or SPI with Pxi6508 in Labview

Hi, Tom


Please ignore the above question. I used your jpg file to build vi.

One question is

For load data part, data is in boolean array. If I'd need to write several registers in different addresses of sensor, what's the convenient way of doing it? I was thinking of putting them into a txt file and read it but couldn't find the right vi to convert data (like 100100010100) into boolean array.

Or shall I use loop to read charactor one by one since they are just binary? Thanks for your suggestion.



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Hi Stefo

I'm trying to use your code to do a 9-bit transfer instead of an 8 bit.  Do you know how I could go about doing that?



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Would it be possible to use the PXI-6254 or the PCI-6035E to implement a PCI interface similar the the PCI interface that you implemented with the 6508?



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Hi Dig3,


In general this kind of SPI communication is possible to implement with whichever board which has DIO and uses DAQmx - if you want to get faster transfer (HW timed), you can use 6254 board (it has HW timed DIO). If you choose to go for 6035E, you can only use speeds allowed by software timing of DIO.




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   I want to control the digital potentiometer AD5290 programming labview via DAQ USB-6009. I found Tom's "6508SPIemulation[8.0]". Unfortunately, I don't achieve the communication by using the VI. Could you post your successful VI sharing with me? Thanks a lot!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                Bo Li


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Hello Tim,


I was seeing your post on SPI communication with PXIe instruments.

I have a doubt regarding SPI clock duty cycle generation, can we modify

the SPI clock duty cycle according to our wish. If it can be done, where

should it be modified.


Thanks in advance.. Smiley Wink

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