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How do I generate a digital pulse on a specified line?

Hello h@il,

Here is a screenshot of the Traditional NI-DAQ functions you need to use to use the 80 MHz timebase with "pulse" output behavior:

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to generate arbitrary digital pulse signals using a DAQ card, which I believe is PCIe-6259. I can't get it done using the digital output function in SignalExpress, and the problem is I have to generate 30 different arbitrary digital output pulse train at the same time. Can anybody please give me any advice? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jerry,
We try to keep questions to one thread to help our customers better search our forums for answers.  I have responded to this question on your other forum thread.  It can be found here. Thank you!
Vanessa L.
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I think this belongs to this topic, so I will just go on here.

Following a simplified short version of my concern:


I have a very old stepper motor controller which makes one step movement, each time when I shorten two certain input wires (0V = logic true). If those are not shortened  I messure a voltage of 13 V between those.. 



How can I use one of the Digital I/O ports of my NI PCI 6023e card to do a pulsed "shortening". I think the logic false (HIGH Voltage) of those Cards is 5 Volts. Will it give problems if I just hook it up to it? Or do I need to attach a resistor or something?



I need a pulserate about 100 Hz but I want to be able to change this frequency in real-time (10-100 Hz). 

We have Labview 7.1 here. I would like to avoid the DAQmx and use the traditional legacy. And I already have four of the eight Digital I/Os in use.


Thanks a lot

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Ok, shall I start a new thread after all or did I fail to express my problem or are you just not knowing ? Whatever it is, it would really help me, if you say it. 🙂



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