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Controlling multiple AO signals with 9263?



I am trying to control 4 relays with a 9263 compact DAQ module.  I know the code works because 1 of the relays functions exactly as I intend and I get no errors.  The problem is, no matter how I configure the other channels (select multiple using 1 physical channel control or use individual physical channel controls) only the 1st channel seems to function.  I checked and the relays, DAQ, and power source all have good connections and properly function.  Does the 9263 only support 1 AO at a time?  I searched for this but wasn't able to find any answers specifically for the 9263.




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Hey Kurt,


There is no single channel limitation for the 9263- you should be able to update all 4 channels. Would you mind posting your code so I can take a look and see if I can see a reason why this might be occurring? 

Eden K
Applications Engineer
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Hi Eden,

Thanks for the follow up regarding the 9263 capabilities.  I have been doing additional tesing and it turns out the relays, code, etc. were good but 3 of my bench outlets were not.  I'm up and running with all 4 channels now.  I appreciate the help anyway!




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