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Can't activate licence

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I followed the steps to create a licence file and tried to deactivate it using "Activate License - Activate" in the example folder but to no avail. I used trigger code as shown in the tutorial pdf file (

I also tried suggestions from this comment:

JervinJustin Oct 25, 2010 3:24 PM

Known Issues:

Trial DLLs installed by evaluation versions of Protection Plus. If you  install the trial version of Protection Plus, this installs the trial  versions of KeyLib32.dll and skca32.dll to the windows system32 folder  (SysWow64 on 64 bit machines). If this happens, replace these DLLs with  the ones installed by the Licensing & Activation Toolkit  (<LabVIEW>\resource\)

I have attached the modified VI and licence file.

I'm using LV 2010 SP1, Protection PLUS LFEdit (Trial) and windows 7

Thanks in advanced!!

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  This is actually an error in the example program preventing you from activating.  In the shipping example, the Activation Code terminals are outside of the while loop.  Because of this, the incorrect value is being fed into the Activate License VI and therefore activation fails.  The good news is that this is only a problem with the example and all you need to do is move the two control terminals inside the Activate Value Change event in order to get it working correctly (See image below).  Hopefully this helps solve your problem, but let me know if you still experience difficulties.  I will also submit this to R&D and post back here with a CAR number.

Manual Activation.png

Have a great day,


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Reported to R&D via CAR# 307538.

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Many thank, i managed to activate it.

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No problem, I'm glad I could help.

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