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cine file

Hi i am looking for plugin for cine file's   wich have a speed of 30.000 /s this for inside didam.

Does any one have one


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Hi cees10,


We'll need more to go on than just a name.  I don't think a DataPlugin exists for a "cine" file.  Is it an ASCII file or a binary file?  If it's ASCII, then all we need are several example data files.  If it's a binary file, then we'll also need a full file format description.  We'll be happy to investigate how much work would be needed to create a DataPlugin, and if the effort happens to be low, I'd be happy to crank it out myself.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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Did the request from 2009 ever get acted on?   I see a similar request from "djb"  from 7-12-23.    I too am looking for a plug-in so I can import AMTEK Phantom .cine files into DIAdem (I was able to import .mp4 files, that plug-in must come with the base software download).   Attached is a sample file header.

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