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Scripting manual (vbs / python) in Diadem

I'm struggling in finding the documentation with methods / functions / approaches in the scripting inside Diadem. 


Examples in the website are limited and not possible to be loaded to Diadem - when I use diadem help / examples there are some programs that may be reviewed but not so many. And where there's a problem to be solved the approach is mainly "try".  


Is there anywhere a documentation collecting methods / functions that could guide during scripting in Diadem ? I mean not to "guess" but to have a way of structured learning of the scripting inside the Diadem. 




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The help included in DIAdem contains numerous programming examples, which are sorted by topic. You can also use the example gallery to run examples directly. The help pages provided on the web are outdated and incomplete as there are no links to the sample files. The sample files are installed with DIAdem. There are VBScripts and Python scripts.



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