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Diadem Script: How to insert date in Excel Cell

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I want to enter current date in excel cell and I use following sentence: 

Excel.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,coloana).Value = CurrentDate (did not work)- no error but cell is still empty

Excel.ActiveSheet.Cells(1,coloana).Value = Date (did not work)- no error but cell is still empty

Could you help me with a solution?

Thank you in advance.

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Accepted by topic author Alex_SI

Hey Alex.


Is this line all of your code? You need to open the file anywhere, assign the sheet in excel, and finally write the value there in.

If so, you need some more code.

The version below should work.






Dim DataPath

Dim oExcel, oExcelSheet
Set oExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Const xlMaximized = &HFFFFEFD7
DataPath = "-your path-\" & "sample.xlsx"

oExcel.Visible = True
oExcel.WindowState = xlMaximized
Set oExcelSheet = oExcel.Workbooks("sample.xlsx").Sheets("Sheet1")

         oExcelSheet.Cells(4, 2).Value = CurrDate

Set oExcelSheet = Nothing
Set oExcel = Nothing



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Hello Vassili

First of all, thank you for replay. Yes, I have all that lines in my code, but I did not manage to "write" data in cell, but I will try with that "CurrDate".

Anyway is anywhere a database or something with Excel properties like .values.WindowState .WorkBooks .Open and so on?

I just searched on internet and ChatGpt but results are hard to get.

Regarding your suggestion about "CurrDate" I will try and come back with some feedback.


Have a great day!


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