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DataPlugin export/import


i have made a DataPlugin for Excel-files with the DataPlugin-Assistant and saved it. Now i want to use this DataPlugin for excel files on another PC. I have imported the DataPlugin on the other PC and aktivated it, but always when i want to open an excel file with diadem (e.g. via drag&drop to data portal) on this PC the DataPlugin-Assistant Dialog opens, even so i actually have my DataPlugin for excel files?!

Why opens the DataPlugin-Assistant Dialog instead of importing the excel file as konfigured in my DataPluign?!



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Hi Andi,


DIAdem uses the following command to open a file:


Call DataFileLoad( "C:\...\....xls" ,"DataPlugin_XY","").

If you don't want to use the DataPlugin_XY you have to use another name.

DIAdem uses the priority list of the Datafinder for finding a DataPlugin.

You can edit this list using the DataFinder settings. On the tab file extensions you can select the *.xls extension and edit the priorities of the different DataPlugins.


Kind Regards,


Philipp K.


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Hi AndiMEC,


can you see the DataPlugin in the DataPlugin manager of the other PCs DIAdem (Settings>>Extensions>>DataPlugins...)?

In case yes, please try right click on the file in DIAdem NAVIGATOR and choose "Open With..." - does this work?

Do you drag6drop from NAVIGATO or from Explorer?


From rainy Aachen


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