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Call Data.Move changes data

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When run the following script the data changes, to like 3E+282


But only when that TDMS file is in a very specific location...no idea what's going on!



Call DataFileLoad("C:\Data\temporary_tdms.tdms") 'Loads the example data set

sum_of_files = 0

for indexgroup = 1 To GroupCount

                my_groupname = GroupName(indexgroup)

                if right(my_groupname,3) = "_TA" Then

                                sum_of_files = sum_of_files + 1

                                'swap if necessary

                                if indexgroup <> sum_of_files Then

                                                Call Data.Move(Data.Root.ChannelGroups(indexgroup),Data.Root.ChannelGroups,sum_of_files)

                                End If

                End If


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Hi Chris123123,


Please excuse, but I did not fully understand the problem. Do you mean that the values of a channel changing after moving the channel group? Can you provide an example, like the original file and the file after moving the group?


By the way, you have a mix of old commands and the Data-API. I you would like to use only the new Data-API your script looks like this:


dim indexgroup, my_groupname, oGroups, sum_of_files

set oGroups = Data.Root.ChannelGroups
sum_of_files = 0

for indexgroup = 1 To oGroups.Count
  my_groupname = oGroups(indexgroup).Name
  if uCase(right(my_groupname,3)) = "_TA" Then
    sum_of_files = sum_of_files + 1
    'swap if necessary
    if indexgroup <> sum_of_files Then
      Call Data.Move(oGroups(indexgroup), oGroups, sum_of_files)
    End If
  End If




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So apparently moving data does NOT change data after all. 

Root cause was a corrupt tdms_index file (attached). 

I copied the tdms file to other locations (without _index file) and I did not see that behavior.

I didn't pay attention to that _index file so I (wrongly) assumed that Data.Move was the cause.

Not sure how it got corrupted, I attached it if it's of any value. 


Thank you for the new Data-API code, I will use that instead.  

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Turns out I had a corrupt _index file

I will use the new code, thank you for that! 


If it's of any help:

Attached the original tdms, corrupted _index file and tdms after importing with corrupt _index file


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