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Calculate Elapsed Time from Timestamp

Is there a way to generate an elapsed time channel from another timestamp channel in DIAdem without any scipts? The timestamp imported is in mm/dd/yyyy  hr:min:sec.000.

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Hi SumTumWong,


If the channel in question you read into the Data Portal is a true DateTime channel (Icon of a clock next to it), then you can use the "Offset Correction" dialog in the "Basic Mathematics" palette of the ANALYSIS panel to subtract the first value of that channel from all the values of that channel.  You can also interactively switch from Time display to Numeric display by changing the value of that channel's "Display format" property in the Data Portal property table.


If instead you've read in a string channel (Icon of "Txt" next to it), then you'll either need to improve your DataPlugin or run a script to turn the string channel into a DateTime channel.


Brad Turpin

DIAdem Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

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