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DAQ Express Problem Connecting to Servers

I've been using DAQExpress for a couple weeks with no issues, but I've tried at multiple times today and I get this message "There is currently a problem connecting to our servers. Please close and try again later." Any idea what is going on? Anything I can do on my end to resolve it?




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Hi, sorry to piggy back on your issue report, but I'm having the same issue here.


I have checked out and found there is a similar problem reported 2 years ago here:
Solved: Re: DAQExpress has a problem connecting to the NI servers - NI Community


Will NI team react on this issue immediately? Thank you.

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I was able to gain access this morning after DAQexpress prompted me to log in.

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Yes, same goes with me, I can access it back now, thank you to those who fixed it.
Perhaps an explanation from NI about this issue would help us to understand better. Thank you

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