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Please help - How do I get a sine wave to automatically turn on and off every 10 seconds?


I am using DAQExpress for the first time and need to create a 3.6Vpp sine wave stimulation at 80 Hz that is ON for 10 seconds and OFF for 10 seconds. This ON/OFF cycle needs to occur for 41 iterations. Using the Analog Output setting in DAQExpress, I have the stimulation working (I checked with my oscilloscope), however, I have been unable to figure out how to automate turning the stimulation ON and OFF. I've attached screenshots of the .task file and .gvi file that was automatically created. I believe I could probably use a for-loop to run the ON/OFF cycle 41 times. I'm at a loss though to figure out how to set the 10 seconds ON and the 10 seconds OFF. Any help is appreciated! I am using a USB 6343 Multifunction I/O device and a A365 Linear Stimulus Isolator.

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