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Simple TCP Messaging (STM)

Hi Irfan,

my vi's are not so simple, however I have attached a my old version that should work.

If i remember correctly, you have to enter in the STM Libs (in the Labview Program Folder) and unlock the TCP_Check and TCP_con ad public and not private.

However, I'm working on a Control System for N-Hardware and M-Software, starting from FrontEnd interface up to user based on JSON protocol communication, and in the next future I would like to share with the Labview community in VIPM.





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hi, i would like to know if i could use Simple TCP Messaging (STM) to send video from an embedded NI MyRIO system

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I’m sure it could be done somehow. But not as a streaming video.You would have to post individual image frames to a tag and query it on the remote side at whatever interval you can handle. Do not expect real time streaming or more than 1 or 2 frames per second!

Rolf Kalbermatter
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2 questions about STM:


1. I´ll try to use STM like in the example "STM Multi Client Server Example.lvproj". I want control my whole tool by STM. But is it really necessary, that the server-vi everytime run through all connections in the for-loop, also if I just get a message from one? There exist no "listener" for a message the ID/name 🙂 ...


2. And how to use the index...if I have an array of 20 connections, how can I choose the right index for sending a message?


Thanks for a short answer...



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