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Brushless DC Motor Control and Simulation Content


This document serves as a repository for content surrounding brushless DC motor control and Simulation.  The following links will point to a list of various sources for code, documentation and examples.


Six-Phase Controller:

The following link provides example code and hardware suggestions for implementing a 6-phase control algorithm on a brushless DC motor using hall effect sensor feedback.


Sinusoidal (V/f) Controller:

The Volts per Hertz or Sinusoidal control algorithm applied to a brushless DC motor provides smooth actuation of the device.  The following code demonstrates how to implement such a controller using a lookup table.


Field Oriented Controller:

This link contains information about hardware and software implementation of a field-oriented controller (FOC) applied to a permanent magnet synchronous machine.


Triangle-wave Generated PWM:

This link demonstrates how to use a triangle wave to generate a PWM signal.  This method is frequently used in motor control.


Center-Aligned PWM Generator:

Frequently in half-bridge control, the PWM signal needs to be center-aligned.  This example shows a quick way of doing this.



Problem on Six phase controller

how to run the six phase controller vi it is showing 4 error at hall sensors, bus level fets and fets.

so can anyone help me to run this vi