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Notes from the trenches.

So I was doing some simple code maintenance and suddenly running the toplevel VI locked up LabVIEW seemingly forever as soon as I pressed the run button. Hmmm....


What actually happened:


(As part of the analysis, the program does a second order polynomial 2D fit (least absolute residual) of a huge 2d Array first decimated 25x)


Moving some control terminals around, I must have reconnected them wrong, swapping the "order" and "decimation" inputs. Now it suddenly tried to do a 25th order 2D fit of a huge array now decimated only 2x 😄 This problem was many, (many!!!), orders of magnitude harder, of course. (351 coefficients (instead of five) on an much, much larger array!)


Since the code was trapped inside a dll of a system VI "(general linear fit), there was no way to abort it and I had to kill it from the task manager. (Running 64bit LabVIEW, I should have waited a few more minutes and it actually completed fine after a long time when I did so.)


Duh!!! Swap some wires back and everything's fine again! 😄 Whew!


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Locking up a computer is funny when you are writing your first ever loops. In the trenches though it loses the novelty quickly. Glad you seem to have found the issue quickly.

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