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Can you monitor signals using frame api on a PDA?

Hi all
I'm pretty new to LV all together, but I'm working on writing a program to monitor information off our CAN network, like oil pump speed, water temp, batt voltage, etc.  Is there a way to monitor these signals using the frame api, opposed to channel api, and display them continuously on a gauge/meter?  Since I'm using PDA module, I have to use the frame api, and not channel.  Frame api seems a little more vague to me than channel api.  Any advice or tips are welcome.
Also on a side note, I copied/pasted a tab that i changed the background color to yellow from a windows targeted program to a PocketPC one.  The tabs stayed yellow when I built and transfered the .exe to the pda, but i don't have any control now on its color because PDA module doesn't have Property Nodes.  Every now and then, the tabs will go to default grey, and i have to undo the changes to get it back to yellow.  Is there some way to control the color?  I don't think the Change Control Color works in this case.
Thanks ahead for any comments and advice.
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....By the way, i'm using a PCMCIA-CAN/2 (HS) card on a PDA running WinCE5.0 and soon to be one running WinCE4.2...
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what pda are you using to connect with the can card?
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