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NI-CAN drivers for remote system

I have a NI PXI-1031 chassis with a PXI-8184 embedded controller and a CAN extension board (PXI-8184). I've got this system wired via ethernet and I can connect to it with MAX. The problem is the installation of the drivers for NI-CAN. I've got NI-CAN 2.3 installed on my host system (laptop with Windows XP), but how do I configure my PXI so it recognizes the CAN board?
I tried it with remote systems -> Software -> Install Software, but the CAN software is not in the list with available options. NI-CAN is listed in the software section of "my system", so I guess it is installed properly.
When I connect a monitor to the PXI there is no information about the CAN board either.
Is there anyone who knows what I'm doing wrong? I'm sure it can't be a big issue, but I can't find it....
Thanks in advance,
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The problem described above is almost solved. I have reinstalled the software on my host pc, which caused that the CAN could be installed via the software installer for my remote system.

So the CAN board is working on my PXI, but I can't configure it. When I try this, via Tools->Ni-Can->RT Hardware Configuration I get an error message after the connection screen where I specified the i.p. address. The text of this message is: NI-CAN RPC server not available for ip [myip].

How can this problem be solved?


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The problem looks like a software version conflict between the Host PC and the RT target, Did you also reinstall the software to the embbedded controler?
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