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Arbitration ID in ECU

I am trying to connect to a device expecting extended CAN addressing through CCP and the ECU toolkit, However I cannot figure out how to set the address to be extended..


I am failing on connect.

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You must set the 30th bit of the ID. This can easily be done with a logical OR --> ID OR 0x20000000.


See here or here for more details.



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If you are using LabVIEW check the example finder under Addon / ECUMC / Advanced / Measurent and Calibration

You can Change there connwction settings like ext ID at VI startup time
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Thank you, this was what I was looking for. One note, the example code I installed on my PC from the ECU toolkit, the had the wrong value in it for the 30th bit.


But I got it working.



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as far as I know in fact we allow to set any bit beyond 29 and interpret this as extended IDs as this is not defined in the ASAM standard and other A2L files created by various 3rd party tools dont use bit 30. So we need to be flexible 😉

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