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[VeriStand 2016] Relativ path for a Real Time Sequence in a Stimulus Profile Editor

When using VeriStand with Source Control SW paths for Real-Time Sequences in the Stimulus Profile Editor need to be customized on every check out because it’s not possible to use a relative path for a Real-Time Sequence in a Stimulus Profile Editor.

Even if the Real-Time Sequence is in the same folder like a Stimulus Profile itself it isn’t found and the path has to be be adjusted.


SPE Screenshot direct.JPGSPE Screenshot.JPG






















So it would be awesome if it would be possible in VeriStand 2017 to use relative paths for a Real-Time Sequences in a Stimulus Profile Editor.

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A related problem is the "User Library" in the left "Sequences" pane. It's nearly impossible to share everything belonging to one Project with colleagues because the files are cluttered all over the disk. For Example: We would like to have a common set of "User Library" sequences. So I would like to point the "User Library" to SOME path (this could also be on a network drive). Instead of using the <Common Data> directory for this.

And while you're at it, I would also like to share Custom Devices with colleagues instead of having to move them to the ONE folder where VeriStand finds them.


All in all, Veristand and the surroundings (Stimulus Profile Editor, Workspace) rely to heavily on a fixed folder structure that isn't even in the same directory tree as the System Definition file...