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MAX: Order, Sort and Subfolders in Virtual channels



I am using MAX in all projects to define channels and create tasks.

Functionality that I think should be added:

- Drag and drop channels to reorder them ( there is no way to do that now...)

- Ability to create subfolders and group channels inside them like Ai AO DI DO CO.

- Ability to sort and search

- When i import channels from ini file to max, order of globl virtual channels should be equal to what is defined in ini file.




The last point mentionned is of great importance as well. It is very annoying that the order of the virtual channels is randomized after reloading a configuration;
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We are trying to better understand why and how customers use the global channels in MAX in the hope of providing a better solution in the future.


Can you give me some additional details on how you use them.  Are you using them from LV, C, C# or just in MAX?  Do you use the same channels across multiple applications?  Are you creating a turn key application and then replicate these channels to other systems?  If so, how?



Josh Prewitt

To answer to your Question Josh: I create a virtual channel for each channel that is going to be available to my application, Then the user selects if he wants to acquire this channel or not in my labview application. The Daqmx task are then a list of virtual channels to acquire. One of the software we wrote lets you create task in MAX with virutal channels and then create an environnement of test around those tasks. One of the main use of the import function for my company, is to replicate a simulated config of the customer for test on a device without hardware connected. If you want to know more about my use of virtual channel , I invite you to contact me directly. Best regards
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(Nearly) all of the above! I work in a test facility, and we build double-ended dynamometers for characterizing transmissions. 


We use MAX directly for basic troubleshooting, verifications, etc.

We use virtual channels in nearly all applications, and Tasks as much as possible.


Both of the above are used in multiple applicatinos on a single test station. Different tests require different applications, but the hardware configuration is the same. For example, we have test stations that measure strains on the surface of unit housings. Some tests require us to know the strain on the housing during certain conditions. However, an efficiency test won't require those measurements, so we'll make a task that excludes them for use in an app that tests efficiency. 


To add more, I think all Daqmx properties that that can be accesed from Labview should be avaliable in max - not only some of them .

Then we could just export all settings to configutation file and when the application starts load it and be happy Smiley Happy