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Automatic (dynamic) generation of a Veristand Model from a VI



Today I have a need that is a bit difficult to perform: I developped a soft that convert a xml file into a VI, but I'd like this soft to create a VeriStand model from this VI.

So it would be very interesting to be able to dynamically create a Veristand model in Labview, wheter thanks to an API or an invoke node, ...

I appears that for the moment the only way to do it would be to open the LVSV by script.





If you look in the LLB that contains the LVSV (look in <LabVIEW>/project/NI VeriStand/,) you will find a vi called "LVSV Batch". This VI performs the same build that the dialog does, but does so programmatically.

Status changed to: Already Implemented
Functionality available with LVSV Batch Build VI.
Nick Keel
Product Manager - NI VeriStand and Model Interface Toolkit
National Instruments

I have been trying "LVSV Batch" in LabVIEW 2012 with Veristand 2012, and it does not work. It errors out with a reference type mismatch error.


Is there a fix?