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     I have a question about icon font.

     What kind of font do you use when you edit icon?Why my icon font is not clear?

     Thanks everyone response me.

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The default clearer font is "Small Fonts".


I'm not sure that it is available on Mac, in case that's why you're getting something else? But this might have changed, I'd have to check with a colleague using a mac 🙂

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Thank you

         My version is win7 LV2016 chinese,your icon is ok?

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my icon also has the problem you meet, Have you solved it?
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Accepted by drjdpowell

Hi all,

So, unfortunately, the reason for the unclear font is the limited resolution of icons in LabVIEW. The font you are using in your attached pictures is the default that most people would use. If you want the icon to be clearer there are a couple things you can try. One is to make the text a larger size which will make the letters clearer but leave room for fewer of them. Another is to capitalize every letter, in my experience the capital letters are much easier to distinguish, though, they also take up more space. The last thing is that LabVIEW NXG doesn't limit the icon resolution the way that LabVIEW does, so the issue of icon text readability is "mostly" solved, you can still make text too small to read, but by default it is much more readable.

Philip Bear
Certified LabVIEW Developer
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Thanks your response ,I understand what you said

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