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myRIO and Veristand

Hi all,


I'm new to the National instrument myRIO and I'm currently trying to use a veristand system definition file  that I was given at the National Instruments Veristand fundamentals training course at Newbury, UK. How do I deploy it to a myRIO? I can't seem to find the myRIO in the Veristand hardware although I can see it in NI MAX.


Also, is there an FPGA configuration file available for this device anywhere? I'm using Veristand 2018 but there doesn't seem to be a config file for the FPGA on the myRIO.


Thanks for your help!



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As first step, you must install NI Veristand engine into myRIO. Have you already installed?


Also, I guess your FPGA configuration file doesn't work on myRIO. Did you use PXI system in the training course? The conf file was written for the PXI FPGA device so you must edit it.

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Sorry for the late reply. I have installed the Veristand engine on the myRio.


Yes, I used a proper PXI chassis on the training and I understand that they aren't compatible off the bat, but when I try to add an FPGA target within the definition file, it seems to want me to import an FPGA file. Is this something that is written and available from NI? I have looked around, but there doesn't seem to be a library to get these files from so I'm at a loss with that.


Thank you for your help so far! Any further help is greatly appreciated!


Kris 🙂


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Just to add, I have also installed the MyRio toolkit, which I would assumed would have the FPGA definition file but I'm kind of at a loss now in how to deploy a project file to this hardware that doesn't seem to want to work in Veristand! Any help is greatly appreciated, as this is part of a PhD project, i really need to make some progress on it!


Many thanks,



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Hi Krislton, sorry for my late reply.

Can you deploy a simple System Definition File into myRIO with no problem? If so, all setup has been completed.
Unfortunately, there is no prepared fpgaconfig file, you must create it by yourself. Following tool helps the development.
NI VeriStand FPGA-Based I/O Interface Tools

But I don't remember the tool has a compatibility with myRIO...

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Sorry for the late reply, the project has been a bit hectic! I'm not really sure where to go from this, I've tried numerous add-on's, suites etc but still, there doesn't seem a way to generate an FPGA profile/personality for the MyRio which will be able to be imported into Veristand. I thought Veristand was supposed to be a flexible and allow the integration third part hardware etc, is this not correct? The Veristand fundamental course was good, but it's designed in a way to use/promote standardised products; with the hardware that we have, it doesn't seem possible to be able to run in a Veristand/real time environment although according to a NI employee, it should have sufficient capability to do so "The Supported Hardware page doesn't list the myRIO, but it's memory does fall within the specifications needed... so you try this too if you wanted. The myRIO has 256 MB of RAM with 512 MB ROM some of which can be used when RAM is low". What would be the best way to integrate a Simulink model within a NI environment, which also supports the MyRio to be run in Real-time? I've also tried the HIL and real-time suite in Labview, but there isn't a lot of help online in regards to getting started with that add-on or even the extra functionality that it enables Labview to do.

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Hey Krislton_LU, actually there is nothing stopping you from deploing VeriStand to myRIO, you just need to make it right. If you would have NI Real-Time target without FPGA, it will be as simple, as you did on your NI course.


Yes, VeriStand is desired to be make things simple, but if you going to use FPGA (myRIO has it, you know it), and VeriStand doesn't have prepared certain FPGA configuration for exact FPGA target, so you have to develop your own and build it, before you can use FPGA target in VeriStand. Because without it, VeriStand will not get an access to your IOs of your target.


So, as Emboar has mentioned above, you need to go through NI VeriStand FPGA-Based I/O Interface Tools and develop your FPGA bitfile for myRIO, because VeriStand requires from FPGA to has a certain communication program interface, which is implemented in template from NI VeriStand FPGA-Based I/O Interface Tools.


Hope it will help.

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Thank you for your advice. However, I have tried this numerous times with the "Create New Veristand custom FPGA Personality project"..


The is only a pre-select type on NI hardware, the project types are as follows: 


  • CompactRIO Reconfigurable embedded system
  • CompactRIO StarFabric PCI Interface
  • Ethernet RIO Expansion system
  • FlexRIO on my Computer
  • FlexRIO on  Real-time Desktop
  • FlexRIO on Real-time PXI
  • MXIe-RIO Chassis on my computer
  • MXIe-RIO chassis on Real-time Desktop
  • MXIe-RIO chassis on Real-time PXI
  • R Series Multifunction RIO on my Computer
  • R Series Multifunction RIO on Real-time desktop
  • R Series Multifunction RIO on Real-time PXI
  • Single-board RIO Embedded system
  • Other FPGA Project.

Selecting the other FPGA project states the following: "You cannot use this wizard to create other types of LabVIEW FPGA projects. Press the Finish button for more information."


Please advise how to make the MyRio profile based on this,  I'm getting desperate in getting this HIL test to work in its most basic form. It feels like I'm going around in circles trying different types of suites and wizards that are supposed to help, yet do nothing for the piece of NI equipment that we need to use and should be capable of doing so.

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In short, I would create it from CompactRIO Reconfigurable embedded system and then change it to myRIO manually adding a new target and moving items to myRIO target in Project Explorer.

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I am currently trying to use the I/O of a myRIO with Veristand 2017.


Any one of you have been able to generate a FPGA configuration file to use a myRIO with Veristand? Any additional help (or the file itself) would be really appreciated.

Marc Dubois
HaroTek LLC

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