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I am looking for DAQ board in smaller size with Rate of 16 bit, 1.25MS/s and 2.86MS/s

I already have DAQ USB 6363 but it's size is big, I want to buy DAQ board in smaller size and similar specifications specifically data acquisition rate AI (16 bit, 1.25MS/s) and AO 2.86MS/s . I am using 04 AO channels, 08 AI and 4 DO channels for my device. 


 Here are USB 6353 and 6363 with same rates but there size is large which is not able to fit inside my product case.


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What size are you looking for?


You can remove the outer casing or look for other DAQ with OEM option where it comes without case. You can look at other DAQ vendors if NI

doesn't have small enough DAQs for your need.


If you want to miniaturize it beyond a limit, that is a new product and project on its own. Miniaturizing products without compromise is always a task for innovation and R&D.

Soliton Technologies

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