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Read datas of .txt file according to the list using CVI

Read datas of .txt file according to the list using CVI

I have stored great a deal of datas according to the date and time in a  .txt  file using CVI.

Now I want to read them according to the list , so the datas can be displayed in the strip chart according to the  time sequence. The historical datas' playback could be realized.

However,I don't know how to read datas according to the list. Let alone with mention indexing according to the time sequence.

The following is a part of  the data of my storage.

04-12-2011  14:30:58     WJ 220, MV 27.347,MA 0.114
04-12-2011  14:31:08     WJ 219, MV 27.366,MA 0.075
04-12-2011  14:31:18     WJ 221, MV 27.354,MA 0.087
04-12-2011  14:31:28     WJ 221, MV 27.348,MA 0.112
04-12-2011  14:31:38     WJ 221, MV 27.347,MA 0.11

I need to put the WJ , MV and MA datas  in chronological order in the strip chart shows.

Anyone who have good idea ?


Best regards.


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Re: Read datas of .txt file according to the list using CVI

This issue has been reposted and solved in this CVI forum thread

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