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WSN-3212 node bricks after press and hold reset button



   I was unable to undeploy the module which was uploaded to the WSN-3212 node. As such, I simply press and hold the reset button on WSN-3212 node for 5 to 10 seconds. All of a sudden, the radio signal LEDs went off and node went dead. No matter which button I press (either Reset or Radio button), the node simply does not come to come back to life. Can anyone advise on the situation ? Thank you very much !





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Hi Xinke,


Well the first point that you may have already realised is that holding the reset button for that long with reset to factory settings so you need to go through your initial set up again.  See the getting started guide that installs with the WSN driver if you are unsure of this.


Failing this there is obviously only so much you can do with the device itself!  It has two buttons and you have tried them out!  Something I would say is try it on mains power rather than battery power just to ensure that couldn't be the issue. 



James Mc
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I ve the same problem, please what should I do.

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Hello Everyone,


I am sorry to hear that your nodes are not repsonding. NI has identified an issue recently that can cause your node to become un responsive durring reboot conditions. There is a new WSN driver version 1.2.1 and a bootloader update utility that can correct the issue on nodes that are working correctly. 


NI WSN-3202 and 3212 node bootloader update



Unfortunitally if your node is not responding to external or battery power it will need to be re flashed by NI. Go to www.ni.com/support to contact your local branch to set up an RMA to get your node repaired. 





R & D Product Support Engineer


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