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Just a note. I'm using the sensor power output on the WSN 3202 node. I have found that when I deploy a VI to the programmable node, the power sensor out turns off unless I am reading an Analog Input. I've got it set to 'Always On' and initially I've only been reading digital input, but the sensor out kept turning off.




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Hi JChec,


When you set an analog attribute, you actually to have to then explicitly read that channel for the attribute to be set.  If you set the attribute, then never read that AI channel, then the property won't actually make it down to the hardware.  I'm assuming you are setting the property in the start case?  If you are, then set the property, then perform a read on that channel.  After that read is performed, you should see the sensor output stay on.


Not intuitive, I know.  We are looking at ways we could make this easier for the user.


Let me know if you need any clarification.


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Message Edited by Kevin_H on 02-19-2010 08:45 AM
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Hi Kevin,


Sorry for the delayed response. Everything is set in the startup case. Thanks, thats all the clarification needed. I just assumed that if you set it to 'always on', that would be enough. I think this is easy enough though for the user... as long as its known to him. The problem I had is that I ddin't need to read in an analog input.




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