Wireless Sensor Networks

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Calculate the needed energy for one operation from a sensor node total energy

For example, I have 2 sensor nodes sense, treat, and transmit data. The distance between them is 1 meter and the initial energy storage is 9360 J for each one. My question is:

Is there a method to calculate the needed energy to each operation from the followings:

  1. Sensing
  2. treating (comparison between 2 values)
  3. transmitting

If any one has an idea please tell me about it.

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Can you provide a little more information? 


- What sensors are you using?

- Are you looking for a general mathematical formula for this?

- Or are you looking for programming architecture?

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Sorry i didn't know the necessary informations. OK!, actually it's for my thesis, I want to simulate a new routing protocol with a WSN of 80 nodes, 4 clusters, no mobility, and 1 base station. I use OMNet++ with my own modules.

  • There are 2 sensor types: Temperature sensors for the temperature monitoring, and Electrochemical sensors for the soil PH and nutritional needs.
  • Sure! if there is a general mathematical formula so why no, but if there is not, so I hope that you can help me with my case.
  • I didn't understand what did you mean with programming architecture, but I use OMNet++ (C++) for this.
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