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Aix.SensorPower property node for WSN-3202

Hi folk,

for the WSN-3202, the property node, on board of the gateway 9792, shows a AIx.SensorPower property for each channel.


Since the WSN-3202 pin-out has only one SEN PWR, which is the meaning of set the Sensor Power separately for each AI channel?


On the configuration panel of WSN-3202, the "Sensor Power" is a property common to all channels and it is in the node tab under "Hardware configuration".



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Hello Asper, 


yes you are right, you can choose to change the properties of  the Sensor Power inside the configuration of the node. But in this way, the changes you do affect all the analog input channels. 

But what happens if you want to to activate the Sensor Power 250ms before sampling AI0, but only 25ms before sampling AI1?

You can achieve this by changin programmaticaly the value of SensorPower property.

In the following example you can see a use of this property.



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Hi Vandoulakis,
thanks for the answer.

With only one supply source, i.e. only one SEN PWR, once one of the Aix.SensorPower is activated, all sensors connected to that pin will be powered.
The battery consummation will be the result of the sum of all sensors connected to SEN PWR, independently if they are read or not.

If I have correctly understood, the same result of activate the SensorPower 250ms before sampling AI0 and only 25ms before sampling AI1, could be achieved in the other WSN nodes, by calling the generic SensorPower property with the setting =  250ms before sampling AI0 and  with the setting = 25ms before sampling AI1.


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