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Keep getting: Device Error : Device not authentic when launching VirtualBench application

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Whenever I start the virtual bench application (Windows 10 x64) I get a device error dialog saying: "Device Error: Device is not authentic" and am no longer able to connect to the device. At one point, I was able to connect to the device via USB and also via wifi. I've rebooted the machine, power cycled it, uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled the virtual bench software with no luck. Any advice?

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Attached is a screenshot of the about dialog of the virtualbench application instance. I tried running the software on a different machine and still detect the device via USB and wifi (when attached to the AP after resetting the device) and still receive the "Device Error: Device is not authentic" dialog box and unable to connect to the device.

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After attempting:

- Resetting the device via the button on the back of the virtual bench device

- removing the drivers installed

- reinstalling virtual bench application

- a different machine

- connecting through the access point

- connecting via USB

- trying a different USB port


Still had no luck. Until finally, I decided to disconnect the power cable on the virtual bench, and reconnect it. Seems like this is a pure reset of some sort. Now I can successfuly connect to the device



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There's a situation that can arise where, if you press the power button very shortly after applying power to the VirtualBench, a particular circuit can get itself into a state that the device firmware can't properly reset itself out of.


The workaround is, as you discovered, to remove and reapply power; this causes a full reset of that circuit. I apologize for not getting that workaround to you before you spent the time to uninstall and reinstall all the Windows-side software.


(The next version of the VirtualBench firmware properly detects this condition and performs the reset correctly, fixing this issue.)

Brandon Streiff ·
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No worries. Thank you for the details..

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