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Unable to connect to PXI-8101, error -307853



First time using VeriStand 2011 to connect to an external device.  I am trying to connect to a PXI-8101.  However, even with a brand new project, I am unable to connect to the target.  I get the error code -307853,  LabVIEW serial port received a buffer overflow and that the network connection was refused by the server.


The connection with the PXI-8101 is good, as I am able to connect to it using LabVIEW and MAX.


Attached is a screenshot of the settings I am using to connect.  I have tired an assortment of settings, with none being successful.

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please make sure that the VeriStand RT Engine is running on the PXI-8101. The easiest way would be to reinstall it on the controller.


Hope this helps, if you have any further questions just ask.







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I want to know how you solve this problem, is the reason for veristand engine,i try to install the engine in the rt target,it tells me that I have to solve following dependencies:

veristand engine need multifuction DAQ 15.0.0
veristand engine need analog output series15.0.0

Possible reason(s): The real-time support for the component for this terminal may not yet be installed.


I dont kown how to do next.


I hope you will give me a soulution.


Thank you! 

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I have the same issue, but reinstalling the software didn't help. Any other suggestions?

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Hello a9449r,


I would recommend starting a new post and giving details of how you came across this error, pictures/descriptions of what you are trying to do and a list of what you have tried including reinstalling software.


As for now, we don't have enough context of your setup, your goals, and how you ran into this in order to give you any help.




Ben Johnson
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