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NI Veristand Python API

I am trying to install the NIVeristand python API on a computer with no internet and hence no access to the pip install repository. 


How can I download and install it? 



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Hi Maximus_prime,

 I'd just download the package from pypi (, transfer it on an USB drive and then install it with pip (pip install file_name.whl)

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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I managed to get it from Github in a *.whl file. I am struggling to get it to work though as it chucks up an assembly error. Any Ideas? 




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Hi Maximus_prime, 

 May be a stupid question, but do you have Veristand installed on the machine that you're testing on? The Python module depends on Veristand assemblies; if they're not present, it fails to load. It expects Veristand 2018 or newer (if I recall correctly) to be present. 


 If it's not possible to have Veristand installed on this computer, you can make an "import hook" for Python to mock the required .NET assemblies. I've faced a similar problems when I tried to deploy Continous Integration for our application that uses Veristand (not every CI worker machine has Veristand installed) and I know it's doable. Unfortunately I can't share the code - employer's IP rights... What I can share is a blog post that inspired me to write the mock and explained the mechanisms used: here it is. 

 Of course, when you use a mock, you can't run the code using it, but at least you can import the module and explore/write the code using it.

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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That does not resolve the problem, downloading the package. There are dependencies  pythonnet, PyYAML and pycparser so the install process immediately looks on the network to find them.....


Also discovered that on a PC with internet access this process fails as well ( at work and on a unrestricted personal PC)


Ideally NI need to provide an 'off line' installation method. I need to use the Python API for Veristand but with my company's firewalls and also the fact that the target system has no internet access, this is proving a tad difficult to accomplish.

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