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How to use simulink model input/output bus in Veristand


i have a simulink model that i would like to test with VeriStand. This model has several inputs and outputs, and this are custom defined buses.

If i import mdl file of this model, Veristand did not recognize input and output buses at all

if i compile my model for Veristand Target, Veristand recognize the inputs and outputs but no as buses.


Some  ideas how i can use my input/output buses?


thank you!


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This is a known limitation of the VeriStand code generation process. VeriStand will currently interpet a bus signal as an array of values, one value for each element in the bus.


A workaround is to create a top-level model wrapper with individual model inports and outports that packs these into the inports bus, calls the sub-model, then unpacks them from the outports bus.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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thank you!


the workaround works!


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