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Graph Channel Selection Dialog

I'm thinking about creating a custom XY graph indicator that also has a custom configuration. I've gathered that I will probably have to start with the Free Label template, but I was hoping I could customize the Graph Channel Selection dialog that pops up when you select Setup on a simple graph. I've seen the channel select that's here:, but I was hoping to get ahold of the more complete one.


Also, I'd love to hear a little about the differences between the Free Label template and the other simpler controls. It would be helpful to have a flow chart or something that shows how these controls get implemented with Veristand. I worked with a pretty complicated xcontrol a while ago, and it was tricky trying to figure out how it was getting run within LabVIEW without actually being able to see the calling code. This feels very similar.




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Hi Chris,


The graph configuration dialog is unfortunately built into NI VeriStand.exe itself, so it's not available to be updated or used as a starting point. I do see your point that right now there's a fairly large gap between the pre-configured controls and dialogs that you can just use and the controls that you build yourself from scratch. There's not much inbetween right now.


In terms of how to decide which to use as a starting point, I would say that you should only use the standard numeric or graph controls that ship with NI VeriStand as a starting point if your changes are intended to be primarily cosmetic, rather than functional. If you need new functionality, such as representing two channels as XY axes in a graph, then you probably need to build it from scratch using the Free Label template. Hopefully more tools become available such as the selection dialog you linked so that you don't have to build everything from scratch.


We are always looking for feedback on how to improve this part of the product.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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Thanks Jarrod. I was able to whip something up using the example XY Graph. It isn't as polished as it should be (the setup screen should be specific to an XY graph..), but it works. I can see how I would need to work with the Free Label template to do what I want, but I don't have that much time to spend on this.



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