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Any possibility of a Linux-based VeriStand host platform?

I'm wondering if NI is looking into platforms other than Windows to act as the host / gateway in a VeriStand system. Being tied exclusively to Windows for the VeriStand host-side of things is fine for now, but I'm seeing more test applications moving toward Linux (RHEL and its various other permutations primarily). Given that the bulk of the heavy lifting in a VeriStand system is often the RT side, I'd think that even something like a Raspberry Pi could be capable of running the gateway operations needed to keep the RT side happy (I'd even be happy for an API-only option for purely scripted deployments- no need of porting all the VeriStand UI tools immediately).


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Hi Tim,


This has been an active area of discussion for the VeriStand R&D team as we also see an increased desire for test applications to move to Linux Desktop and not have Windows in the mix. We have this on our roadmap but it is likely at least 1 year away, though we continue to evaluate the priority. 


As far as what the experience may consist of, tentatively our thought was take a similar approach to what you mentioned - port the gateway and APIs to support Linux so we can deliver some form of a Linux DT host experience for deployment and scripted configurations. After that, we would intend to port some of the VeriStand UI so customers can use screens and the Editor interactively on a Linux machine.

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