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PC Hangs with Green LED on VME-MXI-2 solid on

I have read the other topics on computer lock ups while communicating with MXI-2 and followed recommended actions; so far none seems to apply to my situation. 


I have a system that includes a PCI-MXI-2 and VME-MXI-2 to provide a VME interface for a UUT.  The tester software is CVI based.  Until a month ago the system was working just fine, but then the control PC suffered a disk crash.  It turned out that only the boot partition was bad, so it was possible to recover most of the software.  This is an old tester, while there is some documentation provided nothing covered the design of the PCI/MXI-2/VME configuration, and the people who designed the tester are NLA. 


The problem is that I am unsuccessful in creating any VME Bus cycles, and in many cases the PC locks up completely with the green LED on the VME-MXI-2 board solid on.  The software appears to have been written for the VME rack configured as Frame 1, but when I set the switches on U20 of the VME-MXI-2 to 0x01 the computer locks up when RESMAN is invoked.  I found that setting the switches to 0xFE (frame 254) would pass RESMAN and I made the appropriate change to the code. 


Interestingly, I believe I found that the MXI-2 cable was connected backwards, but it was configured that way when the system worked!


My primary question is ... What does it mean when the green LED on the from of the VME-MXI-2 is lit?  I skimmed through all the documents I was able to find on the VME-MXI-2 and never found this info. 


Thanks so much to anyone able to shed some light on this one for me!

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