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Test - Limit to single line

Check if option "Limit to single line" is disabled on string controls (indicators are not checked) with height smaller than 40.
It checks only VIs with Menu bar not visible (probably user interface VIs).


Feel free to improve it!


[DNatt 2020-04-03] Version 2 uploaded, changes listed in comments thread. Saved in LabVIEW 2019.

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

Thanks for taking a first pass at this plugin. I made some changes and uploaded a new version. Here are the changes I made:

1. Use the UID of the object as the failure index instead of the loop index.

2. Use the 'Has Diagram' VI instead of 'Has Panel'. Presumably, any interactive UI is going to be a standard VI with a diagram, and not a panel-less VI like a global.

3. Added several checks to reduce false failures. Now the test only returns a failure if all these conditions are true:

  1. String is not owned by a cluster or array.
  2. String is not set to 'Limit to Single Line'.
  3. String is a control.
  4. String is visible.
  5. String has a height less than 40 pixels.
  6. String is within the visible bounds of its owning pane.
  7. String is not transparent.