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Test - Events that Lock Panel

This test detects any event structure containing at least one event configured to lock the panel:




It will not list events that cannot be configured (timeout event, filtering events, etc.), even if they lock the panel. It will list all matching events for each event case. <App>, <ThisVI> and <Pane> events are identified individually. Control events show the label of the trigger control. Each listed event also shows the event type. Dynamic events are ignored.


For each event frame, the format is currently as follows:

Event <frame#>: [Trigger: EventType];  [Trigger: EventType]; [Trigger: EventType];   ...


Example output:




NOTE: Locking the panel is the default setting, but should (at least) be disabled for actions that create rapid-fire events where typically only the last one really counts (e.g. movement of a slider or cursor). See also this Idea and discussion.


Further discussions of this test should occur in this thread.


This test is saved in LabVIEW 2014. Follow the instructions here to install and use this test.

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