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Recognition and Ranks

You may ask yourself, “Why should I post responses to other people’s questions? What’s in it for me?” With our ranking system, the more you post, answer questions, and participate with quality content, you are earning the trust of other users, as well as recognition over time for being a trusted advisor that offers up useful tips, good suggestions, and valid solutions.  Not only that, but collaboration with other community members may also help you gain new insight and other viewpoints on your own systems – thus serving as a benefit to you.

To show recognition to other users for their contributions to the community, you can use the Kudos and Accepted Solutions functions. On each community post, you will see a kudos button, or if you are the topic creator, you will also see the Accept as Solution button.



You can kudo a post you found helpful or insightful. Everyone can see the number of kudos you have received – the more you have, the more people will turn to you for answers!

Accepted Solutions

When you start a new topic on the discussion forums, you have the ability to accept any of the replies as the solution to your question. Accepting a solution will mark your topic as solved, and highlight the reply in the topic so others can more easily view the solution.

When you reply to other topics, you also have the possibility of getting your post marked as the solution. Like kudos, accepted solutions are visible to all – so, the more you have, the more trusted you will be!

For more information on Accepted Solutions, please view the topic: Using Accepted Solutions.

The more you login, post, and contribute to the forums, the higher your rank will be. The ranking structure is currently as follows:

Knight of NI


Proven Zealot

Trusted Enthusiast

Active Participant



Within each rank, there are varying levels by the same name. You will notice that the ranking icon becomes darker as a user moves up and gets closer to the next rank.

Special Designations
Besides the ranks listed above, you may see certain users with special designations.

Knights of NI: Our highest rank is the Knight of NI. These contributors have consistently given back to the NI forums for years. They have a wide breadth of knowledge and many engage with the Community daily! These users are recognizable in the discussion forums by their ranking title and icon. Knights have the ability to mark Accepted Solutions on behalf of other users.
LabVIEW Champions: A LabVIEW Champion is a top tier, National Instruments Platform enthusiast who has been recognized by National Instruments for their exceptional application development, technical depth and breadth, and leadership and contributions to the LabVIEW community. You can identify these users by the LabVIEW Champions icon to the right of their username. Champions have the ability to mark Accepted Solutions on behalf of other users.


If you're interested in how you can become a LabVIEW Champion, please visit the user group here: LabVIEW Champions' Community

NI Employees: NI employees are denoted by blue usernames and rank icons.  Often, an NI employee will jump into topics in order to better help users reach answers and solutions. This enables even those without purchased service plans to reach assistance from our capable applications engineers or even, in some cases, R&D.

Community Managers: Community managers will be denoted by the admin icon to the left of the username. Your community managers are here to listen to your feedback and answer any questions you may have regarding the NI Discussion Forums.